Red Light Therapy

Red Light & Near Infrared LED Light Therapy

Were you aware that leveraging light has the potential to enhance your well-being? When the robust red light (660nm) and near-infrared (850nm) wavelengths are combined, they can provide a potent therapeutic encounter. These wavelengths are dispersed throughout your body, diminishing oxidative stress and fostering the generation of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Termed Photobionmodulation, this procedure can infuse quantifiable energy into your cell mitochondria, leading to benefits like diminished discomfort, revitalized skin, and tissue renewal.

Variable Optics™ Light Therapy

Jacuzzi® Light Therapy sets itself apart as the exclusive light therapy solution in the industry that employs the innovative Variable Optics™ advancement. Unlike many other available light therapy devices that use a single optical output fixed at a 30-degree angle, which unfortunately limits the potential light absorption by the human body, our system takes a different approach. Both red and near-infrared light possess the capability to penetrate the skin through light receptors. However, the utilization of a solitary optic confines this penetration to a single acceptance angle, ultimately leading to reduced absorption.

By incorporating Variable Optics™ technology, a blend of optics ranging from seven to sixty degrees generates multiple intersecting angles for light waves. This intricate process enhances the depth of light penetration into our cells, resulting in improved absorption and a wider range of benefits.

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How It Works​

Jacuzzi® Light Therapy utilizes sophisticated medical-grade LEDs to deliver accurate wavelengths to the body, without generating additional heat. Each setup is equipped with 70 LEDs that emit red light at 660 nm, alongside another set of 70 LEDs emitting near-infrared light at 850 nm. This specific unit emerges as our most potent and effective light therapy apparatus, notable for its exceptional output reaching up to 110 mw/cm².

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy, also known as photobiomodulation and low-level light therapy, utilizes specific wavelengths of red light at low levels to facilitate a wide range of health benefits and improvements in overall well-being. The term “low level” is assigned to red light due to its lower operational energy density compared to other types of laser treatments. Were you informed that Red Light Therapy was initially utilized in the early 1990s when scientists applied it to promote plant growth in space?

The focused red LED light played a crucial role in stimulating growth and photosynthesis in plant cells. Following this breakthrough, extensive research explored the potential of red light to enhance cellular energy in human cells. After exposure to red and near-infrared wavelengths, the mitochondria within your cells transform the light into usable energy for your body through the process of cellular respiration.

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Near Infrared LED Light Therapy

The design and creation of the Jacuzzi® Light Therapy tower were carried out with careful attention, aiming to elevate your wellness through the delivery of 850nm near-infrared light. This specific type of near-infrared light excels in penetrating deep beneath the outer layer of the skin, surpassing both mid and far infrared in terms of depth. Studies have underscored its potential to enhance cellular energy, ease discomfort, boost the production of collagen and elastin within skin cells, accelerate wound healing, reduce inflammation, and offer a range of anti-aging benefits.

Light Therapy In Your Sauna

After becoming familiar with the exceptional benefits of red and near-infrared light therapy, you might be considering ways to bring it into your personal environment. The Jacuzzi® Light Therapy tower provides a seamless integration option by easily attaching it to the door of your Jacuzzi® Infrared Sauna.

Alternatively, it can function as an independent light therapy system. For individuals standing in front of the Jacuzzi® Light Therapy tower, it’s recommended to have sessions lasting 10 to 20 minutes, while seated individuals may find 20 to 30 minutes more suitable. If you wish to explore further or acquire a light therapy tower for your sauna, feel free to contact our knowledgeable experts.

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