How To Replace Your ClearRay Bulb In Few Easy Steps

How To Replace Your ClearRay Bulb In Few Easy Steps

Got a BLB code on your topside control? SmartTub app saying it’s time to replace the bulb? Jacuzzi Corp. just released a new video explaining simply how to change your ClearRay bulb.

Click the video below and watch how to do it.

Remember you can consult your owner’s manual for help, and after installing a new bulb, you should reset the timer for your ClearRay system.


If you don’t know, ClearRay is only found on Jacuzzi and Sundance hot tubs and is a fantastic system for killing bacteria by destroying its DNA cycle and allowing either ozone and/or your sanitizer system to finish it off.

Because it’s on the inside of the tub, some people may think that it could be a service-related request or that it might be difficult. It’s really quite simple, though, and the BLB code is no cause for alarm.

The Best Way To Replace Your ClearRay Bulb

Simply come to us for your ClearRay bulb, get 20% off your bulb if you bought your tub with us, and put it in your spa.

The bulb timer is 365 days, and it lasts about that long, and it can go over, but after a year, it loses its functionality and doesn’t release the right wavelength of light (UV-C) to kill bacteria. Thus, we have to replace it every year.

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