Smartop Spa Covers

Smartop - Take A Break Spas And Billiards

Smartop's one-of-a-kind design makes it the new standard in spa covers.

Smartop Duo Spa Cover - Take A Break Spas And Billiards

The Smartop Difference Defined

Opening Smartop is a breeze

Smartop operates easily with just one hand. The hydraulic lifter allows the user to fully open the cover to a stable, vertical, locked position. 

Smartop sets a new standard for home spa covers. It was designed and is manufactured in the USA to correct the leading problems associated with spa ownership: covers that absorb water, develop odor, become too heavy to use and require regular replacing. You won’t find a better or longer-lasting spa cover than Smartop.

Smartop Spa Covers 3 - Take A Break Spas And Billiards

Zero Water Retention/Odor-Free

Smartop’s impermeable interlocking polymer panels shield the interior insulating foam from water vapor and run-off preventing weight gain, odor and mold and also allows for long-term optimal heat retention—all common problems experienced with traditional vinyl covers.
Smartop Spa Covers 1 - Take A Break Spas And Billiards

Durable and Long-Lasting

Made with the same materials used in vinyl fencing and decking. The rigid super polymer deck surface is UV resistant and withstands the harshest weather conditions with no maintenance or treatment required. Smartop will last five times longer than traditional vinyl covers.

Integrated Hydraulic Cover Lifter

An integrated hydraulic lifter makes opening the Smartop a breeze. When in the open position, Smartop provides privacy and acts as a wind screen, providing the user the ultimate hot tub experience.
Smartop Spa Covers 2 - Take A Break Spas And Billiards


Smartop’s structural integrity is derived from its exclusive, patent-pending ribbed panel design, combined with aluminum support channels inset within the polymer panels. This gives Smartop a load capacity of up to 800 pounds—easily supporting snow, ice, pets and much more.

Steel Cable Cover Lock System

The easy-to-use Steel Cable Cover Lock System coupled with a combination padlock (included) provides ultimate security for your hot tub, preventing unauthorized and unsupervised use.

Repairable/Replaceable Components

In the unlikely event, any part of your Smartop has a problem due to accident or failure, each component is replaceable, making Smartop repairable and the last cover you’ll ever need to buy.

Optimal Heat Retention

One of Smartop’s superior features over vinyl covers is its ability to maintain optimal heat retention throughout its life cycle due to its zero-water retention design and Thermal Super Seal Gasket which create barriers that prevent heat loss. Over time, vinyl covers absorb water through their penetrable surface allowing the insulating foam to become water-logged and lose insulating effectiveness. Smartop is insulated using Owens Corning (think Pink Panther) Foamular Rigid Insulating Foam. The closed-cell structure of the Foamular insulation is designed to retain long-term R-value, year after year.


The new EAS System makes lifting the front half of the cover finger-­‐tip easy and feather-light and is an inexpensive option that can be added to every new Smartop upright as well as existing Smartop covers.


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