Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Sauna Guide – How To Use Them & 7 Amazing Health Benefits

Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Sauna Guide – How To Use Them & 7 Amazing Health Benefits

Are you looking for a way to improve your overall health and well-being while adding some much-needed “me-time” into your daily routine?

Life is busy, and it can be challenging to remember to take care of ourselves as well as we do for those around us.

This is where a Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Sauna comes in.

These saunas provide a powerful range of benefits that will have you wishing you had invested in one long before today.

Better yet, they fit right inside your home, so adding some serious self-care time into your daily routine is as simple as walking into the next room!

Are you curious about the benefits you could experience with a Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Sauna and want to know how to properly use them (and maximize your experience)?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the top benefits Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Saunas provide, tell you how often you should use them to maximize results and give you seven essential tips to bring your sweat sessions even further!

Read on to learn it all!

How Do Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Saunas Work?

Before we can get to the benefits, it’s important to understand how Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Saunas work.

Unlike traditional saunas that use steam to heat the air around you, causing you to sweat, infrared saunas use light to heat your body instead.

At a certain wavelength, light is able to deeply penetrate your skin, warming your fatty tissue without needing to heat the air around you.

This creates a dry, comfortable heat while maximizing the health benefits you’ll experience.

What Are The Benefits of a Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Sauna?

Infrared saunas provide a wide range of benefits, positively affecting your skin right down to influencing your heart health!

Let’s explore some of the best benefits you can enjoy when you include a quick sauna session in your regular routine.

Whole Body Detox

As we move through the day, we’re constantly surrounded by contaminants, such as exhaust fumes, as we walk down the street.

This collects on your skin and slowly gets absorbed.

The best way to combat this is to sweat it all out!

As you enjoy a quiet moment of solitude in your Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Sauna, your body will be pushing out all the toxins that it’s come in contact with that day, bringing them to the surface for you to wash away.

Weight Loss

Infrared saunas provide possibly the most relaxing way to support weight loss.

While they certainly don’t make up for poor eating or a lack of exercise, they can help with your weight loss goals by making your body work just a little harder than it would while you’re on your couch.

From your heart beating faster to your body sweating as it desperately tries to bring your temperature back down, your sweat sessions will help you burn some extra calories without you having to lift a finger.

Improved Circulation

Shortly after stepping into your sauna, your body temperature will begin to rise, your heart will pump faster, and your blood vessels will dilate.

This domino effect all results in an impressive boost in your body’s circulation.

When your blood is better able to move through your body, it can more effectively support your overall health and well-being, providing the necessary oxygen your muscles need to thrive.

Better yet, this improvement in your circulation also helps to improve your blood pressure and strengthen your heart as it works harder to combat the sudden rise in temperature.

Healthier Skin

While the simple act of relaxation can help promote a glowy complexion, infrared saunas take it even further by supporting the overall health of your skin.

As your blood vessels dilate, your skin is flushed with an increase in oxygen.

This ensures your skin is being properly supported and receiving the vital nutrients it needs to look its best.

Pain Relief

This is another benefit thats supported by the increase in circulation but is put into overdrive simply through the soothing warmth of the sauna.

As your body is surrounded by heat, your muscles are coaxed into relaxing, helping them release the tension they’ve been holding onto throughout the day.

As they relax, you’ll feel a wave of relief where you’d been tensing your muscles all day.

Additionally, with increased circulation comes a flood of oxygen-rich blood to properly support your muscles.

This ensures they’re getting the nutrients they need to heal and recover after a long day of supporting you.

Stress Relief

Stress is a common factor in many lives, and it can be difficult to escape from.

Infrared saunas not only help give you relief by naturally detaching you from your phone as you escape into the warmth of the room, but they also help calm your mind.

Saunas provide the perfect place for you to simply exist.

There are no phones or distractions.

No urgent matters to manage.

It’s just you and the heat.

You may be surprised just how quickly that alone can help quiet your mind and bring your stress levels down.

Improved Sleep

While the relaxation and stress relief alone is enough to give you a good night’s rest, the temperature fluctuation really hits it home.

Have you ever noticed then when you’re really tired, you suddenly feel cold?

Or maybe you’ve experienced an increase in your body temperature during the first 30 minutes of the day as your body wakes you up.

This happens because temperature plays a big role in the signals our brain sends out.

When your body temperature rises, then drops again, your brain takes it as a sign that you’re tired and it’s time to sleep.

This temperature change can make it much easier for you to fall asleep and can even help you sleep longer throughout the night.

How Often Should I Use a Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Sauna?

When it comes to your sauna use, there’s one big determining factor; are you just starting out, or are you a long-time user?

If you’re new to using a sauna, you’ll want to start slow.

This helps give your body time to adjust to the new environment it’s being exposed to.

Start with two sessions a week, working your way up to four or five sessions a week.

7 Tips on How to Use a Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Sauna and Maximize Your Experience

How you use your Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Sauna can have a significant impact on your overall experience.

In just a few steps, you can create an ultra-relaxing environment and amp up the health benefits, leaving you feeling completely relaxed and in a state of pure comfort.

Here are seven of the best ways to elevate your sweat sessions.

1. Pre-Sauna Preparation

Preparing for your sauna session is an essential step and can be the difference between a soothing session you love or one that’s left you feeling queasy and light-headed!

To ensure you enjoy a luxury session, you’ll want to include a few steps in your pre-sweat routine:

  • Drink water!
  • Wear light clothing thats not restrictive, or opt for a towel
  • Keep the temperature below 140℉
  • Give your sauna time to come up to temperature

2. Meditation and Mindfulness

To maximize your relaxation and stress relief, try adding some meditation to your sauna session.

The heat from the sauna will help you relax even further, making it easier for you to sink into a soothing meditative state.

3. Gentle Stretching

As mentioned above, as your body heats up, your muscles will relax and release tension.

This is the perfect time for you to do some gentle stretching.

The warmth will allow you to increase flexibility and improve mobility even after you’ve left the sauna.

4. Ambient Music

Music can have a powerful influence over your emotions, and adding some gentle ambient sounds to your sweat session is the perfect way to help calm your mind.

5. Aromatherapy

Scent is another one of our senses that can have a significant effect on our emotional state, especially when it comes to relaxation.

Adding a drop of essential oils to your towel, robe, or inside of your wrists can help fill the air with the soothing scent of your choice, amplifying your relaxation.

6. Lay Back and RELAX

Saunas provide the perfect atmosphere where it’s absolutely acceptable (and encouraged) to lay back and do absolutely nothing!

Give into it!

Let yourself completely unwind as you lay back, close your eyes, and let your stress melt away.

7. Post-Sauna Care

How you care for yourself after you’re done in the sauna is equally as important as your pre-sauna routine.

The first thing you’ll want to do is rehydrate.

It’s important to replenish your body after an intense sweat session, ensuring you continue to feel great after you’ve left the infrared heat.

The second most important thing is to take your time cooling down.

Don’t jump in a shower right away or get up and rush off to complete the next task on your list.

Give your body time to slowly regulate its temperature again.

After your temperature has returned to normal, have a soothing shower to wash away any toxins the sweat left on your skin, and you’ll be ready to tackle the rest of your day!

How Long Can I Stay In A Sauna For?

Similar to how often you should use your Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Sauna, how long you stay in it also depends on your experience level.

Exposing yourself to a high-heat environment is something you’ll need to take your time with.

When just starting out, aim for five to ten-minute sessions.

As you become more comfortable and your body becomes more accustomed to the heat, you can work your way up to a 20-25 minute session.

Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Saunas in West Jordan, Utah

If you’re ready to take control of your health and well-being by adding an infrared sauna to your home, Take A Break Spas in Utah is your one-stop shop.

With three showrooms conveniently located in and around Salt Lake City and various Jacuzzi®️ Infrared Saunas to meet any budget and space, finding your perfect sauna is simple.

Visit your local showroom, or contact us today to get started.

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