Olhausen Billiards

The Best in Billiards, Proudly made in America.​

Olhausen is made only in the U.S.A using only U.S.A materials. Olhausen knows that choosing quality components make the difference between a good table and a great table. That’s why Olhausen chooses only the highest quality woods available and uses only Accu-Fast cushions. No matter how they look on the outside, every Olhausen pool table has the same durable, award winning core on the inside. That’s why Olhausen Billiards can provide you with not only the highest quality pool table on the market but also with a lifetime warranty from Olhausen Billiards.

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Olhausen Billiards provides

Because of Olhausen Billiard Manufacturing’s high volume, they are able to negotiate lower prices on many of the products used to manufacture the tables, without sacrificing quality. These savings are passed along to the end user – you!

Olhausen Billiards provides:

  • Top Quality American woods
  • Accu-Fast Cushions
  • Accu-Guard fabric and finish

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