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Spa Water Chemistry can seem overwhelming and our friendly staff can help by treating every question with respect to provide you with solutions. We have several options to help you with your chemicals. We have tutorial videos, and instruction sheets to download, and you can always contact us for help.

Make sure that filters are cleaned and/or replaced, water quality is regularly tested for balance, and check your equipment often to ensure proper operation before small problems turn into costly larger ones. 

How to take care of your Bromine System:

How to take care of your Mineral System:


  • Filter Maintenance is the key factor to healthy spa water and we have the supplies to make the task easier than ever!  First, keep a second filter(s) on hand to alternate at cleaning time so the fresh cleaned filter(s) will have time to dry and avoid the risk of debris entering the suction system.  Failure to remove all oils, dirt and debris regularly, depending on the amount of your spa usage, will result in water flow restriction, premature cartridge failure and is the most common cause of spas malfunctioning with a FLO Error Code on the digital display.  
  • What is the difference between Chlorine & Bromine? Simply, bromine is the spa-safe form of chlorine.  When chlorine is used in hot tub temperatures it quickly burns off so it is more commonly used in swimming pools with cooler temperatures.  We offer several options for spa-safe sanitizing systems to suit your specific desires for the ultimate pleasure from your total spa experience and we carry some pool chemicals too!
  • Going out-of-town or Hectic Schedule Keeping You from Maintaining your Spa? With minimum care it is easy to insure coming home to a clearly beautiful balance of water. Good Choice: use a “Shock” that is compatible with your chemical treatment system at least weekly to help maintain water clarity. Better: get a competant “SpaSitter” to help with maintenance or contract our technicians for regular, seasonal or shut-down drain and fill maintenance.
  • What should I know about using Biguanide products?  People that want an alternative spa chemical treatment that is non-chlorine/non-bromine system enjoy using biguanide products (i.e. brand names: Soft Soak, Baqua, Leisure Time Free 1-2-3). The active ingredient in biguanide spa chemical systems, polyhexamethylene biqunaide (PHMB), destroys bacterial cells.  The destruction allows the cell contents to disperse into their surroundings where they are further broken down into their elemental parts by a non-chlorine oxidizer.  Mild coagulants combine the cells and small particles in the environment into particles large enough to be trapped by the filter.  If the correct type of filter cleaner is not used the gray film and cleaner will create a non-cleanable gum-like substance and the filter cartridge must be replaced.  NOTICE: The use of BIGUANIDE chemicals as sanitizers will void warranty on spa equipment components on many spa models.  We offer biguanide product lines as well as Mineral Sanitizers as another alternative and will provide you with tips & techniques to help reduce the odors that some people find offensive from chlorine-bromine systems.
  • Lost Owner’s Manual? many common problems and error code descriptions you may encounter are easily solved with solutions provided in your owner’s manual.  Many manuals are now available online, See your specific manufacturer & model, example: or  If you are unable to locate one online and want a hard copy, we may have a replacement manual available in-store or we can get one ordered for you.​​
  • What is the difference between a Hot Tub & a Spa? A “hot tub” is the traditional tub full of hot water for people to soak in whereas a “Spa” is the modern version of a hot tub enhanced with a variety of water moving features including specialized therapeutic massage & air jets, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and entertainment options.  
  • What should I do to be ready for a Spa Service Call? Providing as much information as possible to the service technician prior to your scheduled time will help prevent unnecessary added expenses with multiple trips, etc. Any Information can be very helpful such as the following:
  1. What is the brand name and model of your hot tub or spa?
  2. Do you know how old or new it is in years? 
  3. Where is it located?
  4. Will someone be home at the time of service?
  5. Is the hot tub or spa easily accessible? 
  6. When was the hot tub or spa filter last cleaned and water changed? 
  7. Is there any noticeable presence of insects, spiders or wasps in or around the location? 
  8. Describe the problem with your hot tub or spa:(Choose all that apply, any details are very helpful) 
  9. (1) Leaking, (2) Heater not working, (3) Jets not working, (4) Filtration system needs cleaning, (5) Frozen water, (6) No power to system, (7) Tub is dirty, (8) Lights not working, (9) Cover needs replacing, (10) Surface is damaged, (11) Error Codes on Display, (12) Other: ​
  • Electricity & Water Safety CAUTION: Electrical repairs can be dangerous, especially around water. We recommend that repairs be referred to a qualified electrician or spa technician. Regardless of who performs the work, make certain that all electrical power to the hot tub or spa is disconnected completely prior to making any repairs.
  • Loud noises coming from the motor or it won’t turn on? Worn out pump seals are the major cause of faulty motors. Electrical problems may also be the reason your motor doesn’t turn on. We offer in-store parts and repairs  or we will come service all your spa needs on-site. Trip charge applies outside local Utah County service area.
  • Plumbing Leaks or Decreased Water Pressure? A small problem can turn into a very costly one if not fixed in a reasonable time.  Leaks from PVC pipes get air into the system decreasing water flow as well as leading to pump & motor weakening, loss of pump prime that may seize the motor, high water bills, larger leaks that may damage  integrity of equipment and possibly extra chemical usage to maintain the correct water chemistry.
  • Spa Service, Repairs & Removals – We’re your one stop shop for anything to do with your spa or hot tub. We repair anything from leaks to digital display problems in both above ground and in ground spas.  If you want your spa removed, cleaned, re-conditioned like new or evaluated for trade-in, we can do it for you!

We are your local Utah Authorized Warranty Service Provider for a plethora of brands with a full-time service crew to take care of all your spa & billiard needs, including:

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