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In Grilling, Taste Rules… The reason that pellet grills win far more than their fair share of BBQ competitions is that the food simply tastes better when cooked over real wood. Green Mountain Grill makes a machine that conquers all other hardware, and we know that from experience.

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Get a free bag of pellets when you buy a grill! We offer all Green Mountain and Traeger Pellets for the lowest price in Springville, American Fork, and West Jordan. Come stop by to pick up your pellets!

Green Mountain Blended Pellets – $13.95

  • Green Mountain Grills Pellets are a perfect blend of hardwoods that boost the flavor of anything you are cooking. 28 Pound Bag

Traeger Select Wood Pellets – $13.95

  • Select the Specific hardwood material you want to grill with. 20 Pound Bag

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