8 Best Outdoor Swim Spas To Upgrade Your Home Workout Routine

8 Best Outdoor Swim Spas To Upgrade Your Home Workout Routine

Whether you’re looking for a way to amp up your backyard enjoyment throughout the year or simply want to breathe new life into your home workout routine, an outdoor swim spa can be the perfect solution!

These high-tech spas offer a modern, fully customizable experience, effortlessly aligning with your existing needs, and growing alongside you for years to come.

Better yet, they’re a great, family-friendly option, making quality time with your loved ones more relaxing than ever!

But which one should you invest in?

With so many brands and models on the market, it can be difficult to know which one would be the best fit for you and your family’s needs.

That’s where this article comes in!

At Take a Break Spas & Billiards, we’re passionate about seamlessly matching you with your dream outdoor products.

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the best benefits outdoor swim spas offer and share eight showstopping outdoor swim spas, each boasting its own unique experience!

Let’s dive in!

Top Benefits of Having an Outdoor Swim Spa

Swim spas offer a range of benefits that are truly unique, providing you with various options that a traditional in-ground or above-ground pool simply can’t, especially during the cold Utah winters!

While they offer a robust range of health benefits, here are three of the best benefits you can expect to experience with your outdoor swim spa!

Year-Round Fun

One of the most common questions about outdoor swim spas is if they can be used outside during the winter, and the answer is simple; absolutely!

This is one of the reasons swim spas have exploded in popularity, with many people opting for them over traditional pools.

Of course, the fact that they offer a powerful swimming experience without the need for the extensive space traditional pools demand is also why they’ve become so popular!

Not only do they remove the need to open and close a pool every 6 months, but they provide your kids with the opportunity to swim all year long, even as the snow falls during the winter.

Soothing Hydrotherapy

Swim spas offer more than just swimming. Because they are the perfect hybrid between a pool and a hot tub, you get to experience the best of both worlds.

Nearly every swim spa has at least two hot tub seats, with some offering enough seating for up to five adults.

This ensures you can treat your body to the same powerful hydromassage you’d have in a hot tub, soaking up the many health and wellness benefits they provide.

Whether it’s after your workout or simply to decompress after a long day at work, your outdoor swim spa can easily meet your every need.

Improved Fitness

Are you tired of doing the same standard workouts in front of your TV once the weather cools off?

Do you want to skip the drive to the gym on snowy mornings?

Outdoor swim spas may be the perfect solution!

Not only will you be able to enjoy a customizable swim 365 days a year, but many outdoor swim spas offer a robust open area, ensuring you can follow any workout routine right from inside the warm water!

Better yet, with an outdoor swim spa, you can take your post-workout recovery to a whole new level.

Instead of sitting on the cold ground, stretch out in the warm water before settling into one of the hydrotherapy seats to stimulate blood flow to your overworked muscles, banishing post-workout pain and stiffness!

8 Amazing Outdoor Swim Spas To Transform Your Backyard

Now that we’ve explored why outdoor swim spas can be such a powerful addition to your time at home, it’s time to get to the fun part; exploring some of the best options available!

There are many brands that offer exceptional swim spas, and we believe in providing ample options to meet a wide range of needs.

In this article, we’ll explore Jacuzzi®️ Swim Spas, Hydropool Swim Spas, Cal Spas®️ Swim Spas, and Endless Pools!

Read on to discover all the possibilities!

Jacuzzi®️ Swim Spas

If you’re someone who wants to use their swim spa for more than swimming, Jacuzzi®️ Swim Spas are worth considering.

Not only are they made of high-quality materials and designed to provide the ultimate atmosphere for various aquatic workouts, but they also offer amazing jet combinations to maximize your hydromassage benefits!

J-13 PowerPlay™️ Swim Spa

The J-13 PowerPlay™️ Swim Spa is the perfect option for anyone looking for a year-round pool to entertain their kids and enjoy some quality family time outdoors.

With enough seating for eight, this swim spa easily offers one of the most versatile hydrotherapy options offered in Jacuzzi®️ Swim Spas.

While your kids play in the center, you can enjoy a side-by-side massage on the bench seating or settle into one of the deep corner seats for a powerful hydromassage that targets every muscle in your back.

J-19 PowerActive™️ Swim Spa

For the ultimate fitness experience, the J-19 PowerActive™️ Swim Spa is sure to please!

With four immersive hydrotherapy seats designed to cradle your body, removing pressure, this swim spa offers a hydrotherapy experience unlike any other.

Furthermore, with the RX Jet Therapy seat, you can relieve aching muscles from your neck to your calves, ensuring every massage leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated.

When it comes to working out, the soft stride mat will keep you stable through any body workout, while the large swim area offers an unobstructed swimming experience.

Discover which Jacuzzi®️ Swim Spa best fits your lifestyle by watching this short video!

Hydropool Swim Spas

Are you looking for a swim spa that makes maintenance effortless while providing a high-end experience?

If so, Hydropool Swim Spas are likely your perfect match!

These swim spas have elevated the industry, creating an experience unlike any other with their self-cleaning technology.

Executive Trainer 16Ex Swim Spa

For a family-friendly swim spa that doesn’t compromise your swimming experience, the Executive Trainer 16Ex Swim Spa is the ideal option.

This swim spa includes a soft stride floor mat to support your every movement and also has a unique swim jet design to ensure you can maintain perfect form as you battle against the current.

This model also offers two full-body hydrotherapy seats, ensuring you can target every muscle from your shoulders to your feet.

AquaTrainer 19 DTAX Swim Spa

If you want to have more control over your water temperature, the AquaTrainer 19DTAX would be your perfect fit.

With its unique split design, you can keep your hot tub section at a balmy temperature, perfect for racing muscle tension while lowering the heat in your swim area to optimize your cardio.

Because of its split design, this outdoor swim spa also provides ample seating while also boasting a full lounge seat to cradle your body while you enjoy a full-body massage.

Learn how Hydropool’s self-cleaning technology works to support your swim spa in this quick video:

Cal Spas®️ Swim Spas

Your outdoor swim spa will be exposed to the elements all year long, making durability a vital aspect to consider.

Cal Spas®️ Swim Spas are built with structural strength and long-lasting durability in mind, ensuring you can enjoy your spa for many years to come.

Olympian F-1868DZ

Embrace a swim spa that effortlessly matches your needs.

With a dual-zone design, the Olympian F-1868DZ provides an optimized experience. This model allows you to adjust the swim spa temperature to 70 degrees while turning up the heat in the hot tub to 102 degrees!

Having the same remarkable efficiency as their other models, you can enjoy a completely customizable experience without worrying about astronomical fees, even as the temperature outside plummets!

Swim Pro X F-1325

While this swim spa may not be the largest offered by Cal Spas®️, it offers a unique design that boasts enough seating for eleven adults!

With bench seating lining either side, and two therapeutic corner seats, this outdoor swim spa is the mix between family fun, fitness, and relaxation.

It’s no shock the Swim Pro X F-1325 is one of Cal Spas®️ most popular choices.

Not only does it offer a powerful swimming experience, but with full foam insulation and the Eliminator High Oerformance™️ Pump, it’s also incredibly energy efficient!

Watch this short video to see this swim spa in action!

Endless Pools

The swim spas offered by Endless Pools provide unmatched versatility, not only through top-quality designs but also by boasting the ultimate aquatic cardio experience to suit your individual needs.

RecSport®️ R500 Recreation System

If you’re looking for a swim spa that’s designed with family in mind, the RecSport®️ R500 Recreation Systems Swim Spa is a great option.

With its unobstructed swim area, this swim spa offers the perfect outdoor playground for your kids, giving them plenty of space to swim or surf the current on a bodyboard.

Better yet, this model provides an intimate hydrotherapy design. With two thoughtfully placed seats facing one another, you can enjoy catching up with your loved one after a busy week in the most relaxing way possible.

E550 Fitness System

The final model on our list offers a robust range of options that are rarely found in other outdoor swim spas, ensuring a truly unique experience to meet your ever-changing needs.

The E550 Fitness System Swim Spa not only provides a powerful swimming experience, but it also comes equipped with an underwater treadmill to amp up your cardio routine!

Furthermore, this swim spa has a unique standing hydrotherapy system, ensuring you can still experience the same great hydrotherapy benefits without having seats obstructing your swim area.

How to Choose Your Outdoor Swim Spa

Did one of the above swim spas catch your attention?

Many of these brands offer the same swim spa features in various size models, ensuring you can still experience the same perks even if you’re working with a smaller space.

Choosing the right swim spa is imperative, and there are some factors you should consider prior to settling on which model is right for you.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before choosing your outdoor swim spa.

  1. What is your budget?
  2. How large is your outdoor space?
  3. Do you have any “must-have” features? What are they?
  4. What are your goals? Are you prioritizing family fun, fitness, or both?

Depending on your answers to these questions, you may find that certain swim spa models will be better suited to your needs.

Want to know more about how to choose the right size swim spa for your lifestyle? Watch this video from Hydropool!

Outdoor Swim Spas For Sale in Springville, Utah

Are you ready to invest in your health and wellness while adding an outdoor water park to your backyard?

Visit the team at Take a Break Spas & Billiards! We know the importance of finding a swim spa or hot tub that matches your needs, and we’re passionate about helping you create your dream backyard.

With four locations throughout Utah, we’re serving the communities of Spanish Fork, American Fork, West Jordan, and Springville, offering industry-leading backyard leisure products and expert service.

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